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Preparation Work Before Starting Centrifugal Pump

The three processes of starting, running and stopping the centrifugal pump are very important for the normal operation of the equipment and the whole work flow. Next, Chemical separator manufacturer will sort out the preparation before starting the centrifugal pump for you.

Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

1, pump (in addition to the liquid pump, other pump before starting (the first start of the self-priming pump) should be pump (that is, the pumping medium must be filled with the pump chamber)

2. Irrigation pump of the reverse device: open the stop valve of the inlet pipeline, open all exhaust lines, discharge gas, slowly turn the rotor, and close the exhaust valve when the pumping medium has no bubbles.

3. Suction device filling pump: open the stop valve of the inlet pipeline, open all the exhaust lines, discharge gas, pour into the pump (bottom valve must be set for the suction pipe), slowly rotate the rotor, and close the exhaust valve when there is no bubble in the pumping medium.

4. Open all auxiliary systems and require all auxiliary systems to work for at least 10 minutes. The next step can be carried out only after the whole auxiliary system is stable.

5. Turn the equipment to check whether it is flexible; Inching motor, again to determine whether the pump rotation direction is correct; Fix the coupling guard after confirmation.

6. (pump with dry gas sealing system) put dry gas sealing system into use. Open the nitrogen inlet valve and recharge the sealing chamber. The air source pressure of the dry gas seal must be between 0.5 ~ 1.0Mpa. Each pump shall adjust the pressure and flow in the sealing chamber according to the specific requirements.

Our company also provides sanitary centrifugal pump.

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