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Start-up Of The Centrifugal Pump

The three processes of starting, running and stopping the centrifugal pump are essential for the normal operation of the equipment itself and the entire workflow. Next, Centrifugal pump manufacturer will sort out the common matters needing attention in pump startup.

1. Confirm that the suction valve is fully open and the discharge valve is closed or slightly open; when there is a minimum flow line, the discharge valve is fully closed and the minimum flow valve is fully opened.

2. Close the stop valve of the outlet pipeline (minimum flow must be guaranteed);

3. Start the motor to make the pump rotor reach the running speed;

4. Slowly open the outlet valve to make the outlet pressure and flow of the pump reach the specified values. Open the outlet valve and check the motor current to avoid overloading the motor. When the flow rate increases, you should also pay attention to whether there is abnormal leakage in the seal of the pump, whether the vibration of the pump is normal, whether there is abnormal sound in the pump body and motor, and changes in outlet pressure, such as abnormal leakage, abnormal vibration, The abnormal noise or outlet pressure is lower than the design value, and the cause should be found out and dealt with.

5. When the pump is running normally, check the pump outlet pressure, outlet flow, motor current, temperature of bearings and seals, oil level of the lubricant, pump vibration, noise, and leakage at the seals; (according to process needs) close Minimum flow bypass valve. Keep relevant equipment operation records.



1. The maximum starting frequency of the pump cannot exceed 12 times / hour;

2. The pressure difference cannot be lower than the design point, nor can it cause fluctuations in performance parameters in the system. The pump outlet pressure gauge value is equal to the pressure difference plus the inlet pressure gauge value;

3. The reading on the ammeter at full load to ensure that the current does not exceed the value on the motor nameplate;

4. The motor provided with the pump may be selected according to the buyer's requirements and according to the actual medium proportion. When performing the trial operation, the power of the motor should be considered. If the specific gravity of the actual medium is smaller than that of the test running medium, please strictly control the opening of the valve during the test running to avoid overloading or even burning the motor.

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