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Shutdown Of Centrifugal Pump

The three processes of starting, running and stopping the centrifugal pump are essential for the normal operation of the equipment itself and the entire workflow. Next, the Centrifugal pump seller combed the common operation steps and precautions of pump stop.

1. Slowly close the small discharge valve until the flow reaches the minimum flow.

2. Cut off the power, stop the pump, and close the outlet valve.

3. When the minimum flow bypass line is provided, close the discharge valve with the bypass valve fully open, and then cut off the power supply to stop the pump. The high-temperature pump can only stop circulating water when the temperature drops below 80 ° C; the sealing system (rinsing fluid, sealing gas) should be stopped after 20 minutes of stopping the pump.


4. Standby pump: The suction valve is fully open, and the discharge valve is fully closed (when a bypass bypass line with a minimum flow is provided, the bypass valve is fully opened and the discharge valve is fully closed), so that the pump is in a state of full liquid suction pressure. The cooling water of the standby pump should continue to be used to keep the lubricating oil level not lower than the specified oil level. Special attention should be paid in winter to keep the heating cable and cooling water unblocked to avoid freezing and freezing.

5. Standby pumps should be cranked according to regulations.

6. (After stopping) the pump that needs to be repaired. After stopping the pump (cooling down), first close the nitrogen inlet valve of the dry gas seal system, release the pressure in the sealed cavity, and then completely discharge the liquid in the pump and the cooling water in the cooling system to make the pump body The pressure drop is zero, the remaining material in the pump is cleaned, all valves are closed, and the power supply is disconnected from the substation. On-site processing should meet HSE requirements.

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