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Analysis Of Four Mainstream Energy-Saving Technologies For Centrifugal Pumps

The centrifugal pump is mainly composed of a casing, an impeller, a suction and extrusion duct, and a seal. The biggest advantages are simple structure, small size, convenient operation and maintenance, and high work efficiency.

Multi-stage centrifugal pump is a collection of two or more centrifugal pumps with the same function. In the fluid channel structure, the pressure relief port of the first stage is connected with the inlet of the second stage, and the second stage is The pressure port is in communication with the inlet of the third stage. The series-connected mechanism forms a multi-stage centrifugal pump.

The significance of the multi-stage centrifugal pump is to increase the set pressure.

The working principle of a centrifugal pump is that the impeller is driven by a motor. Before the pump starts to run, the entire pump casing is filled with liquid, and the impeller will be immersed in the liquid. During the rotation of the impeller, the center of the impeller is under the action of centrifugal force. The liquid will be thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, so that the liquid collects in the pump casing channel and is finally discharged out of the conduit.


1. When selecting the centrifugal pump, consider the cost-effective solution as much as possible.

2. Supervise the manufacturing quality of key components that affect the efficiency of water pumps, such as impellers, pump bodies, pump covers, deflectors (vertical long shaft pumps), etc., especially the wing shape, water outlet angle, and indexing of the impeller , Flow channel shape, smoothness and other quality control.

3. In the process of installation and commissioning at the production site, the foundation of the pump must be solid, well aligned with the driver, the front and rear valves are flexible, the pipeline layout is reasonable, the field control is safe and feasible, and the operation monitoring instruments are complete and accurate to ensure the pump's The running process can be monitored in real time.

4. Pay attention to the inspection of the equipment. During the normal minor repair and overhaul cycle, the wearing parts should be inspected and replaced to ensure the long-term efficient and safe operation of the pump.

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