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Analysis of Mainstream Energy-Saving Technologies of Centrifugal Pumps

The main energy-saving technologies of centrifugal pumps include the following energy-saving technologies: cutting impeller, frequency conversion technology, ternary flow technology and special energy-saving water pumps. Centrifugal separator manufacturer analyzes the characteristics of these energy-saving technologies.

Cutting Impeller Energy Saving

In the structure of the centrifugal pump, an important part that determines the amount of water and the head is the impeller. Its working principle is that the impeller rotating at high speed drives the liquid inside it to rotate, thereby generating centrifugal force. An important factor that determines the magnitude of centrifugal force is the radius of rotation. Once the impeller of a centrifugal pump is cut, that is, the diameter of the impeller is reduced, the centrifugal force of the liquid inside the impeller will certainly be reduced, and the consequence can only be caused by the pump The decline in parameters such as flow and head may cause hidden dangers to safety in production.


Frequency conversion energy saving technology

The main working principle of frequency conversion is to change the frequency of the pump drive motor by reducing the frequency and reduce the speed of the motor to achieve the energy saving effect. The main application scope is:

1. The load of the motor changes periodically with the needs of the production conditions. Under this condition, when the production load decreases, the load of the motor also decreases. The use of frequency conversion technology can make the motor here. When the speed is reduced, the energy saving effect is achieved. However, in a system with stable operating conditions, the energy saving rate of the frequency conversion technology will be significantly reduced.

2. It is applicable to pumps with large margins due to design parameters in some circulating water systems, that is, so-called "big horse-drawn carts", which will have a certain effect. Under these conditions, the frequency of the pump motor is changed by frequency conversion , Reduce the speed of the pump, adjust the Q, H value of the pump, the actual flow value of the pump is lower than the rated flow value of the pump, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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