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Advantages of High Pressure Homogernizer for food and other industries

  Since its inception, High Pressure Homogernizer has been widely used in thousands of deep processing of food, beverage, dairy products, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering and other fields. The high-pressure homogenizer is driven by modern technology and is a necessary condition for modern food processing. It is of obvious importance to the production enterprises and will surely become a booster for the food industry to set sail and develop for a long time.


High Pressure Homogernizer

  High Pressure Homogenizer For Hood is a must for the food and beverage industry.

  The homogenizer in food processing refers to refining the material under the triple effect of kneading, strong impact and pressure loss expansion, so that the materials can be more evenly mixed with each other, for example, in the processing of dairy products. The homogenizer makes the fat in the milk more and more subtle, which makes the whole product system more stable. Homogenization is the primary processing equipment for the food, dairy, and beverage industries.

  The advantages of high pressure homogenizers for food and other industries are:

  (1) Stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, flexible maneuverability, continuous use, ultra-fine dispersion and emulsification of materials. It can be widely applied to emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of industrial production.

  (2) The material can be refined and mixed under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and pressure loss expansion. Homogenizer equipment is an important equipment for food, dairy, beverage and other industries.

  (3) For all kinds of dairy beverages such as milk soymilk, homogenization under high pressure can make the fat globules in the dairy liquid remarkably refine, so that the products are easy to digest and absorb after eating, and the use value is improved.

  (4) In the production of products such as ice cream, it can improve the fineness and looseness of the liquid, and the internal texture is obviously improved.

  (5) used in the production of emulsion, glue, juice, slurry, etc., can prevent or reduce the score layer of the liquid, improve the appearance of the liquid, make the color more vivid, more concentrated, more taste alcohol.

  The high-pressure homogenizer can make the material liquid refine and mix under the triple effect of squeezing and strong impact on the pressure loss expansion, and is a special equipment for homogenizing and high-pressure transportation of liquid material. The milk liquid such as milk and soy milk is homogenized under high pressure, which can make the fat globule in the dairy liquid remarkably refine, so that the product is easy to be digested and absorbed after eating, and the edible value is improved. Used in the production of ice cream and other products, it can improve the fineness and looseness of the liquid material, so that its connotation texture is obviously improved. Used in the production of emulsions, glues, juices, slurries, etc., it can avoid or reduce the stratification of the liquid and improve the appearance of the liquid, making it more vivid, more concentrated and more mellow.

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