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Principle And Application Of High Pressure Homogenizer1

The homogenizer manufacturer shares with you the basics of high pressure homogenizers.

In the modern food industry, homogenization as a key process point is widely used in all kinds of food processing, high pressure homogenizer as a conventional processing equipment, its standard and appropriate use is a lot of food quality assurance.

The high pressure homogenizer uses a high-pressure reciprocating pump as a power transmission and material conveying mechanism to deliver the material to the working valve (the first-stage homogenizing valve and the secondary-stage emulsification valve). The material to be treated, during the process of passing through the working valve, generates strong shear, impact and cavitation under high pressure, so that the liquid substance or the liquid-supported solid particles are ultra-fine. Generally, the three functions of the homogenizer are synergistic, and the working principles of different types of homogenizers are different.


In the specific production, it is necessary to select suitable homogenization conditions in combination with product requirements and equipment characteristics. The factors that generally affect homogenization are as follows:

1. Homogeneous pressure

In general, the homogenization pressure increases, and the particle size of material is smaller. The smaller the particle size of the material, the larger the energy required, the smaller the particle speed is then slowed down, even using a high pressure, homogenizer grinding fineness function is not infinite. Too little pressure won't do. Too much pressure isn't necessary either.

2, material particle size

The size of the initial particle size and the uniformity of the particle size are one of the important factors affecting the average quality. The raw material has a non-uniform particle size and it is difficult to obtain a high quality product evenly.

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