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How to Choose the Right Centrifuge Speed?

As a Centrifuge Supplier, let's share with you how to choose the right centrifuge speed. Some of the main factors affecting the actual speed of the centrifuge are: the centrifuge's own main motor speed, the power supply voltage, the rotor used, and the centrifuge tube used!

Comparing the entire centrifuge system to a bucket, and the centrifuge main motor, the voltage of the power supply, the rotor used, and the centrifuge tube used are compared to the piece of wood that makes up the bucket, which board is the lowest, which determines this. The maximum amount of water that can be loaded in the bucket - the highest speed of the centrifuge system!

Centrifugal Separator

Centrifugal Separator 

According to the above analysis, the voltage of the power supply, this is generally no problem, even if there is a problem, it can be easily solved by using an external transformer device! Therefore, while ignoring this problem, users should carefully review the centrifuge tubes they use! For example, users often use or have only used some very cheap centrifuge tubes, so for these users, there is no need to choose the high-speed Centrifugal Separator Machine, because this high speed is almost impossible to use in practical use. . If you continue to pursue the high speed of the centrifuge main engine, it will be a waste!

If the user is actually using the centrifuge tube that can only withstand 5000 rpm, then try to choose a close speed centrifuge, because even if the centrifuge can reach 10,000 rpm, the centrifuge tube can not withstand such high speed, so in practice It is not available in use! Therefore, the user's choice of the speed of the Centrifugal Separator should be determined by the speed or centrifugal force that the centrifuge tube used by itself can be used. This is the economic choice!

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