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Common Faults Of High-Pressure Homogenizer

The common faults of high pressure homogenizer can be divided into two aspects: process and machinery. Mechanical faults, mainly motor and transmission, (bearing) crankshaft, connecting rod and slider faults can be solved by regular maintenance of the equipment. High pressure homogenizer factory share with you. Technical faults occur in the following aspects:

1. Insufficient flow and pressure can not meet the process requirements

This kind of fault occurs most, is also one of the most important indicators to identify the homogenizer. Due to the homogenization, processing quality and other factors, in the material liquid high-speed erosion of the valve, especially the safety valve, the valve of the compact surface, because of the material liquid high-speed impact abrasion produce obvious groove; The plunger is due to the serious wear and tear of a long time of work, so that the flow of liquid through the channel increased, a lot of liquid backflow to the low pressure pump chamber, so that the homogenization or boost capacity greatly reduced. In such cases, worn parts must be repaired or replaced; In addition, the safety valve or uniform valve (with safety valve) adjustment is not appropriate, insufficient spring pressure may also lead to the occurrence of the failure. At this point, the production characteristics of the equipment can be restored by making appropriate adjustments to the equipment.

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2. Serious pulsation of pressure gauge pointer

The main pump cavity is residual air, air compression, expansion of the pressure pointer serious jump. A small amount of air can be carried out in the flow of the feed fluid, the pump body sealing serious leakage, so that the pump chamber in the feed fluid mixed with a lot of air. In addition, inadequate or leaky filling capacity (the medium through which pressure is transmitted, such as cooking oil) can also cause the gauge pointer to beat badly.

3. Damaged seal ring

The plunger sealing ring is often damaged under the condition of high temperature and pressure cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the continuous supply of plunger cooling water and repair and replace the plunger sealing ring at any time. At the same time, the plunger into the crankcase seal damage will be due to the entry of cooling water and lead to poor lubrication, serious also make the crankshaft connecting rod slider damage.

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