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What Are The Corrosion Problems In Centrifuges?

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Centrifuges have a wide range of applications, both in medicine and chemicals, as well as in food and textiles. With the continuous promotion of technology, the scope of application of centrifuges should be further expanded. The centrifuge is often in contact with some liquids and emulsions when it is working, and it is made of metal, so there will be some corrosive problems. The corrosion of the centrifuge will affect the work efficiency to a certain extent and shorten its service life, so we need to understand what corrosion problems exist in the centrifuge.

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According to investigation and research, it is found that there are two types of centrifuge corrosion: local and uniform corrosion. Local corrosion only occurs in some areas. This kind of corrosion is more serious and destructive. Common corrosion is pitting corrosion, abrasion corrosion, etc. Most of pitting corrosion is due to defects on the metal surface, and there are some destructive elements in the solution inside the centrifuge. Long-term working contact will easily cause holes in the metal. Conservation, this corrosion phenomenon will become more serious.

Abrasion corrosion is a relatively common corrosion phenomenon. This kind of corrosion is not as serious as pitting corrosion, but it should be noted in the maintenance work of centrifuges. This kind of wear corrosion is mostly caused by friction during the work of parts. During maintenance, lubricating oil can be applied to the bearings where the parts are in contact to help reduce friction. Periodically replacing the more worn parts can effectively prevent wear and corrosion. Our company does a lot of protection for the corrosion of the centrifuge. For corrosive materials, the centrifuge will be made of different materials to avoid the corrosion problem and reduce the life of the centrifuge.

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