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6 Features of High Pressure Homogernizer

As a Chemical Separator Manufacturer, let's share with you the six features of the High Pressure Homogernizer.

1. The refinement is more intense. This is because the valve spool and the valve seat of the working valve are in close contact with each other in the initial position, but only a slit is forcibly extruded by the liquid during operation; and the high speed is satisfied between the rotating stators of the centrifugal emulsification device. Rotating and not generating too much heat, there must be a large gap (relative to the homogenizing valve); at the same time, since the transmission mechanism of the high-pressure homogenizer is a volumetric reciprocating pump, in theory, the homogenizing pressure can be Increase indefinitely, and the higher the pressure, the better the refinement effect.

2. The refinement of High Pressure Homogernizer mainly utilizes the interaction between materials, so the calorific value of the material is small, so the performance of the material can be kept basically unchanged.

High Pressure Homogernizer

High Pressure Homogernizer

3. The high-pressure homogenizer can quantitatively transport the material because it relies on the reciprocating pump to feed.

4. The function of the high pressure homogenizer is large.

5. The high-pressure homogenizer has more damage and more maintenance work, especially under high pressure.

6. The high pressure homogenizer is not suitable for high viscosity conditions.

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