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How Does the High Pressure Homogenizer Work?

As a High Pressure Homogenizer Factory, let's talk about how the high pressure homogenizer works.

The interior of the High Pressure Homogernizer chamber has a specially designed shape through which the high pressure solution passes rapidly through the homogenizing chamber. The materials will be subjected to mechanical forces such as high-speed shearing, high-frequency vibration, cavitation and convection, and corresponding thermal effects. The mechanical and chemical effects induced by this can induce the physical, chemical and structural properties of the material macromolecules. Changes can be made to achieve a homogeneous effect.

High Pressure Homogernizer

High Pressure Homogernizer

Therefore, the high-pressure homogenizing chamber is the core component of the equipment, and its unique internal structure is the main factor determining the homogenization. The pressurized structure supplies the required pressure to the fluid material at a high speed through the homogenizing chamber, and the unevenness and stability of the pressure will affect the quality of the product to a certain extent.

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