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Maintenance Skills of Centrifugal Separator

Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer to share with you the maintenance skills of Centrifugal Separator.

1. After each use, open the cover of the Centrifugal Separator to allow the heat or moisture to evaporate naturally. If you have used low temperature centrifugation before, there may be icing, then wait for the ice to melt and use dry cotton in time.

2. The gauze is cleaned and covered with no obvious moisture.

3. If the rotor of the Centrifugal Separator can be replaced, remove each rotor after use, clean it with a clean, dry medical gauze, and place it under the buckle. Do not use a sharp scraper.

Centrifugal Separator

4. Aluminum rotor should be cleaned more often.

5. Centrifugal Separator should not be maintained or overhauled frequently. The operator should cut off the power when leaving.

6. The first time users should consult the personnel who have used it before or refer to the instruction manual. Do not use it blindly.

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