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Principle And Application Of High Pressure Homogenizer 2

The chemical separator manufacturer shares with you the basics of high pressure homogenizers.

In the modern food industry, homogenization as a key process point is widely used in all kinds of food processing, high pressure homogenizer as a conventional processing equipment, its standard and appropriate use is a lot of food quality assurance.

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In the specific production, it is necessary to select suitable homogenization conditions in combination with product requirements and equipment characteristics. The factors that generally affect homogenization are as follows:

1. Material characteristics

The content of oil in the mixture is also one of the important factors that determine its quality. It is proved that the decrease of the proportion of oil is one of the ways to increase the homogenization effect in a certain range.

2. Material temperature

When the homogenization pressure is constant, the material temperature can be raised within a certain range, which can effectively reduce the viscosity and hardness of the material and improve the homogenization effect. However, the stability of over - high temperature may be adversely affected.

3. The number of homogenization

On the basis of the roughing of the previous road, the homogenization is usually carried out to achieve the process requirements. However, when some of the coarse, hard particles or homogenizers have a low pressure rating, they need to be homogenized or even more than 2-3 times to achieve fineness and uniformity. However, it should be noted that the material has a temperature rise after each homogenization, and the temperature after each homogenization cannot exceed the allowable range of the process.

4. Distribution of first-level homogenizing valve and secondary homogenizing valve pressure

The pressure used for the primary valve (high pressure valve) and the secondary valve (low pressure valve) also relates to the working principle of the homogenizer. Experiments have shown that the selection pressure of the secondary valve process should be controlled within 20% of the total system pressure.

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